Black Screenwriter Tells How He Sold His “I, Frankenstein” Script


Kevin Grevioux, the recognizable Lycan from Underworld, is set to unleash a new monster in 2014 (did you know he collaborated with Len Wiseman on the 2003 vampire vs. werewolf hit that’s grossed over $450 million worldwide?). Huge fan of Kenneth Branaugh’s version of Frankenstein, but I will follow Grevioux’s take on the Mary Shelley classic.
This exclusive inspires writers and filmmakers to “create [their] own intellectual properties”. For black artists, the idea of marveling at graphic novels (comics) are sometimes greeted by infuriating comments (that’s a “white thing”, “not going to happen”). Well, guess what. Writers have started a new chapter, thanks to potent-plotters like Shonda Rhimes; rom-com remakers like Mara Brock Akil, and social-series-specialists like Issa Rae. Love what we can do when we put our minds and movements (and pens) to it!

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Kevin Grevioux is one of Hollywood’s  undercover success stories.  While Grevioux  has capitalized on his towering physique and ultra bass voice in various roles and animation voiceovers (“Planet of The Apes,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” “Young Justice”), most would be shocked to know that nearly two decades ago, he was pursuing a master’s degree in genetic engineering.

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“I was in my last year of my masters in 1988 when I decided to move to California”, Grevioux shares. “But my initial plan was to become a screenwriter, not an actor.  Acting is something I fell into because I had a particular look and sound, so I used that to supplement my income.”

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In 1994, Grevioux was working as a prop assistant on the sci-fi series “Stargate” when he met Len Wiseman, an…

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