Sexy Chocolate Men…

Studies have proven that chocolate is healthy, “sweet, rich, delicious, and good for more than curing a broken heart”. Sherry Trenee (2011) asks an interesting question, “Is he sexy or does he have sex appeal?” Men and women tend to differ on definitions of sexy:

Is it about the visual or vernacular? Physique or personality? Clothes or charisma? ( READ – ‘13 Things Men Find Sexiest About A Woman’ )

  • Masculinity – It goes beyond body. How about confidence (not arrogance), stride, the ‘mirrors to his soul’ (eyes), calmness, and a smooth, deep voice? Love a man with pretty teeth! Clothes and cologne pushes him up on the sexy scale.
  • Personality – It “must be well defined and a little complex”. He may be as fine as… (see below), but if he doesn’t have a dose of sense, style, charm, or humor–it’s an appeal-killer. Intelligence and intrigue? Sexy.
  • Profile – An active father-figure, creative intellect, and/or competitive sports player goes toward his sexiness.

( READ – 10 Eligible Black Men ‘The Bachelor’ Should Cast ) 

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